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Calling All Ministries
Join us and TOGETHER let's support local talent! 

We are a ministry that supports Christian Arts ministries in the following categories: Arts, Dance, Music, Theater. We help the church encourage future generations to get involved with their God given spiritual gifts and talents in the arts . church Arts United is made up of all volunteers who donate their talents, time and resources without any economic gain with the only purpose to be a blessing to all. 

Church Arts United is more than a ministry, is a movement to serve. It's a partnership with churches, ministries and volunteers, each one working in their local cities, states and countries.

Join the Church Arts United Movement and Talento Local with your God given gifts and talents and together "Let's support local talent". 

Vision: Become an organization that provides support to local arts ministries.

Mission: Motivate volunteers to help them find and confirm their calling in the arts by having a vision and passion for ministry. 

Where your interest is, you’re calling is found, where your passion is, your ministry is found ”

— Church Arts United


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